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Sounds and Music - Feature Spec No. 16

  16a: Background Music The game map includes several different cultural background regions and each region has various BGM. During the game, the player can experience Asian, European, and other areas’ style music. Battle BGM is fast-paced and can make the player feel nervous. Each region’s small bosses share the same battle BGM and the final Boss uses a separate BGM. All regions’ final bosses share the same battle BGM. 16b: Dialogue: In order to present to all language bases players the same feeling, the main characters will use “uh”, “haha”, “ahh”, and ”aye” instead of speaking several different languages in most of the cutscenes. However, the game will provide different languages in cutscenes. 16c: Sound Effects: Everything the player can touch/interact with has its own sound effect. Every action the character does has a different sound effect (ex: walk vs. run). Some other sound effects: 1.  

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